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About Us5 Training and Research centres

5 Training and Research centres

Normandy University is organised into 5 strategic Training and Research centres (EP2M, CBSB, HCS, SN, CTM) which missions are:
  • Provide scientific leadership
  • Organise research into theme-based networks
  • Promote the development of emerging projects at the interfaces
  • Strengthen the links between training courses and research
  • Make training courses more international and optimise participation in European and international schemes

EP2M – Energy, Propulsion, Matter, Materials

The EP2M centre has developed high-level researches, labelled and funded by the “Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir” (French national investment plan), in partnership with the automotive, aeronautics, energy and chemistry sectors. Based on this strength and on the close links between the academic and industrial partners, Normandy region relies on the EP2M Centre to structure local research and maximise the technology transfer.

CBSB – Chemistry and Biology applied to health and well-being

The CBSB centre is involved in internationally recognised research activities that include chemistry, translational biomedical research and biology.

HCS – Humanities, Culture, Societies

The HCS centre aims at bringing together the HSS laboratories of the three Norman universities, the art, architecture and business schools in all their diversity around a common scientific project to reinforce Normandy’s academic prestige. Human and Social Sciences, which include the Humanities, involve subjects and areas of research that work together while maintaining the very specific features that are required for an understanding of the objects of knowledge. The HCS centre combines nearly all of the subjects in the Human and Social Sciences and Humanities sector in Normandy to offer a very broad and full range of research and training options. The organisation and structuring of the centre is the shared responsibility of PRSH from the University of Le Havre Normandy, IRIHS from the University of Rouen Normandy and MRSH from the CNRS and the University of Caen Normandy.

SN – Digital sciences

The SN centre covers a wide range of subjects to provide an integrated approach to the whole Digital Science chain, from pure research to the development of technologies: pure and applied mathematics, I.T., automatic signal theory, certain aspects of electronics, etc.

CTM – Land-Sea continuum

The CTM centre’s role is to promote research on the evolution of anthropised natural environments in the Earth-Sea Continuum, on technological changes in ports, energy and ecological transition, on the protection of resources and biodiversity, ecosystem services and on the promotion of wellbeing in a context of global change.

Key figures

6 Founder Members

3 Universities
2 Engineering schools
1 Architecture school

9 Associates members

3 Engineering schools
2 Art and design schools
1 Business school
1 Hospital
1 Center of research against cancer
1 Public health analysis laboratory


66 000 students
1 900 PhD students
2 300 Teaching and research staff
3 000 Engineers and technical and administrative staff

Teaching & Research

750 Degrees
150 Research structures
8 Doctoral schools